There are a number of reporting tools available in the Financial Management System that are used for different purposes.

  • Financial Reporting Center - Reports based on general ledger balances. Allows for expansion of COA hierarchy values and drilldown to details.
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) - Designed for users who want to generate their own custom queries.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher - Reports are highly formatted and based on transactional data.
  • Account Inspector - Reports are based on real-time general ledger balances and allows the user to slice and dice or pivot data.
  • Smart View is an Excel and web based reporting tool available in the financial management system.
  • Discoverer is a reporting tool developed by Oracle that provides ad-hoc query, reporting and analytical capabilities.  Use Discoverer to view salary information and to reconcile commitment accounting instructions.
  • Data Dictionary - A data dictionary is definitions of all schema objects in the Oracle database and can be used in creating OTBI reports.