Cash Journal Templates

Please use these cash receipts templates to record your cash transactions. Please record each type of deposit on a different template and save your templates on your computer. Now that the new system is live, use these templates to connect to the system and upload your cash journal entries.

When processing a Cash Receipts Journal, you must choose RU Cash Receipts as the category. This will allow you to populate the journal with the project number, task number and contract number which are required fields when creating a cash receipts journal. In addition, all cashier receipts journals must be approved by the cashier’s office. Selecting the RU Cash Receipts category will route the journal to the cashier’s office for approval.

Also if you have revenue related to Projects, please store them at this time on the template (in Col AA Line Desc Flex Field). Store the contract number project number and task number of your revenue account in this field. Double click on Col AA, which will connect you to the system, open a drop box and prompt you to enter project related information in the drop box.

We would strongly suggest that you view the GL020:Journal Entry Processing video that is posted on Canvas for further clarity on the Cash Journals Process and the Cash Receipts document [PDF] which details the process of Cash receipts entry via a spreadsheet when the credit is to a Project account (Post Go Live). A listing of Permanent Cash Journal Templates can be found in the Forms Repository. If you have any questions, please email or Malwina Woronowicz at 848-445-5173.