Chart of Accounts – Updated Cross Validation Rules

Dear Colleagues,

The cross validation rules (CVRs) that will be active on July 1 have been updated to better align with the business needs of the university community, reflecting changes from user feedback. The list is posted on the chart of accounts initiative resources page. We have added a new CVR category, BL-FT 01, to restrict program income Business Line. This will be available in PeopleSoft by May 25. If the CVRs are updated again before June 30, we will communicate any changes to you.

Between now and June 30, please run the appropriate monitoring reports to determine which transactions will violate the CVRs when they are activated on July 1. We have provided instructions on how to run these reports to help you monitor any violations. If a rule impacts your unit’s business processes, please contact your Chancellor or central unit representative.

Cross Validation Monitoring Reports

If you are looking for violations related to…

…then you should run this report, and….

…watch this tutorial.

New transactions

RU GL 094 Transactions with CVR Violations

RU GL 094 video

Balances by fiscal year

RU GL 095 GL Balances with CVR Violations

RU GL 095 video

Purchase orders

RU P2P 009 Open Purchase Orders with CVR Violations

RU P2P 009 video

New requisitions

RU P2P 010 Requisitions with CVR Violations

RU P2P 010 video

If you are looking for violations related to employee charging instructions (ECI), please refer to the PeopleSoft ECI-CVR violations pagelet.

• If you need assistance to run the monitoring reports, please contact the financial management help desk at

• If you have questions, please contact your unit’s business manager, a Chancellor or central unit representative, a member of the Chart of Accounts Advisory Group, or the University Budget Office at



Kathy Dettloff, Vice President of Financial Planning and Budgeting
Pete Larson, Associate Vice President and University Controller