Employee Charging Instructions - Action Needed by May 23

This message is intended for staff who are responsible for entering employee charging instructions.

As part of the chart of accounts initiative, we will create cross validation rules (CVR)  to prevent the use of invalid chart string combinations. The CVRs will be implemented in two phases – on May 7, the cross-validation rules will be implemented for monitoring only so we can assess the impact, and on July 1 they will be fully activated in the system.

Also on May 7, we will implement a rule in PeopleSoft to require the use of valid UDOs on new employee charging instructions (ECI) transactions.

Before the CVRs are active, your department’s existing ECIs that have invalid U-D-O combinations and/or invalid chart string combinations need to be corrected. The valid U-D-O list and cross validation rules list are posted on the University Controller’s website.

Actions Units Need to Take Now

  • Using the attached Excel file, filter on your PeopleSoft department ID (Column B) to review current employee charging instructions that are violating the cross validation rules.
  • Refer to the valid U-D-O list and the cross validation rules list, and correct ECIs in PeopleSoft for employees in your department by May 23, 2018.
  • You can reallocate ECIs retroactive to July 1, 2017 when using a non-sponsored project, or a valid chart of accounts string.
  • You can reallocate ECIs retroactive to no more than 90 days prior to the current date for sponsored projects.

How to Monitor and Correct Cross Validation Rules Violations

  • The monitoring phase will allow our offices and you to see where corrections are needed for invalid U-D-O combinations and/or invalid chart string combinations before they are activated in the Oracle system on July 1.
  • A new “pagelet” has been added to the PeopleSoft home page for all Commitment Accounting Preparers and Approvers. This screen will allow users to see the CVRs that are in violation, and the ECIs that are associated with them.
  • If you use an invalid U-D-O or incorrect chart of accounts string, you will receive an error message. As an example:

CVR Violation: Invalid U-D-O combination (message will include the U-D-O value the commitment accounting preparer entered).

Please use a valid U-D-O combination. If a new U-D-O is needed, please complete the “Request for New U-D-O” form, which is available on the University Controller’s Office website (Forms – New Segment Values – Request for New UDO). Forward the completed form to the Chart of Accounts Governance Council at coa@finance.rutgers.edu.

If you receive this error message, then you will need to refer to the valid U-D-Os list and cross validation list to select a valid U-D-O or valid chart string to process your ECI.

Education and Support Resources

  • If you have not already done so, please attend one of the open forums that will be held this week. If you are unable to attend, listen to the recording of the April 19 session. We strongly encourage you to participate in these events live so that you can participate in the Q&A.
  • Over the next few weeks, Webinars will be held to provide more specific details on how to identify, monitor, and correct employee charging instructions in PeopleSoft. We encourage you to register for the webinars through the Cornerstone course registration system.