Valid Unit-Division-Organization (U-D-O) Combinations

  1. When should I stop using the invalid U-D-O combinations?
    You should immediately begin using only the approved, valid U-D-O combinations for your unit.

  2. When will the invalid U-D-O combinations be deleted from the system?
    It will take time for the University Controller’s Office will delete, or “end date” invalid U-D-O combinations. We need to ensure there are no balances, encumbrances, charging instructions and interfaces associated with all 10 segments of the complete general ledger string.

  3. Should I do anything to clean up balances on my unit’s invalid U-D-O combinations?
    There will be a communication sent out with instructions on the cleanup. However, If you know the COA segment values where the balances should be reflected within your Unit, go ahead and make those adjustments via journal vouchers.

  4. What is a cross validation rule?
    A cross validation rule, or “CVR” is a system rule that is put in place to prevent invalid U-D-O and general ledger string combinations for all 10 segments from being created and used. A list of current cross validation rules for the financial system are posted on the University Controller’s Office website.

  5. Why can I still use an invalid U-D-O or general ledger string combination if it is listed as a CVR?
    If a U-D-O or general ledger string combinations exists before a CVR is activated, the U-D-O and general ledger string combination can be transacted on until the U-D-O or general ledger string combination is end dated in the system.

    We are asking units to immediately start using only valid U-D-O combinations, and to discontinue using invalid U-D-O combinations as this will reduce the number of chart of accounts combinations to a more manageable and valid quantity. With fewer accounts to manage, we expect to have a smaller number of errors and reconciliations to perform.