General Ledger Strings for Purchase Orders (May 31 Deadline)

You may have recently received an email asking you to provide general ledger chart string combinations for purchase orders that are in violation of the cross validation rules that will go live on July 1. Thank you for your responses; we are updating the general ledger strings for the purchase order confirmations we have received to date. We will continue to update purchase order information as we receive details from the units, through June 30.

Valid general ledger string combinations are needed for the remaining purchase orders that have not been updated based on feedback from units. To facilitate this process, we have included a suggested new general ledger string, using the following criteria:

  • Project set up, if the purchase order had an associated project
  • General ledger mapping from a prior purchase order
  • General ledger string that most closely matches the account in violation

Actions You May Need to Take

  • Please review the purchase orders and suggested general ledger string in this Excel file.
  • If you have concerns with the suggested account, please contact the chart of accounts team at by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 31. Otherwise, the suggested accounts will be used to replace the accounts that are in violation.