Monitoring Reports for Cross Validation Rules and Project Master Data

During recent chart of accounts initiative communications and events, we indicated that reports would be available to help units monitor violations of the cross validation rules that will go into effect on July 1, 2018. The reports listed below are available now, and have been posted to the chart of accounts initiative page on the University Controller’s Office site, under Resources.

During the monitoring phase – now through June 30 – we ask that units run the appropriate reports, by Unit or Unit-Division-Organization, to see which transactions may be in violation of the cross validation rules. We have provided instructions on how to run these reports to help you monitor any violations. Please refer to the valid U-D-O list and the cross validation rules to ensure you are using valid chart string combinations, effective immediately.

Cross Validation Monitoring Reports

If you are looking for violations related to…

…then you should run this report.

New transactions

RU GL 094 Transactions with CVR Violations

Balances by fiscal year

RU GL 095 GL Balances with CVR Violations

Purchase orders

RU P2P 009 Open Purchase Orders with CVR Violations

New requisitions

RU P2P 010 Requisitions with CVR Violations

  • RU GL 095: Units are not required to reclassify balances for prior fiscal periods. If a unit decides to reclassify balances for this fiscal period and prior years, this report will help identify the balances by fiscal year that violate cross validation rules.
  • RU P2P 009: The system has not been updated to reflect changes to purchase orders with cross validation rules violations that were recently submitted by units.
  • To correct employee charging instructions (ECI), please continue to use the ECI pagelet in PeopleSoft to monitor violations and make necessary adjustments.

Project Master Data

  • In February, we requested corrections or confirmations to project accounting set up information for sponsored and non-sponsored projects. It is critical that we have accurate and complete data as soon as possible, and no later than May 23, 2018. The implementation of the sub-ledger accounting rules on May 31, and the cross validation rules on July 1 are dependent upon this effort being completed.
  • An updated project master data file has been posted for your review to the chart of accounts initiative page. The Controller’s Office will continue to reach out to units that need to provide final updates.

We will continue to post updates and resources to the Controller’s Office website that also are accessible from the Budget Office and Cornerstone websites.