Purchase Order Lines - Action Needed by May 23

This message is intended for staff who are responsible for entering transactions in RU Marketplace.

As part of the chart of accounts initiative, we will create cross validation rules (CVR) to prevent the use of invalid chart string combinations. The CVRs will be implemented in two phases – on May 7, the cross-validation rules will be implemented for monitoring only so we can assess the impact, and on July 1 they will be fully activated in the system.

Also on May 7, all invalid U-D-Os will be deactivated in RU Marketplace by making the approval rule inactive. If you attempt to use an invalid U-D-O on a new requisition beginning on May 7, you will receive an error stating that the requisition has been rejected.

On July 1, the cross validation rules will be activated, and any chart string combination that violates a cross validation rule will be de-activated for use.

Before the CVRs are active, chart string combinations on purchase orders need to be corrected. The valid U-D-O list and cross validation rules list are posted on the University Controller’s website.

Actions Units Need to Take Now

  • Using the attached Excel file, filter on your U-D-O or unit to review purchase order lines that are violating the cross validation rules.
  • Review the valid U-D-O list, the cross validation list, and the attached instructions, and make corrections to the spreadsheet.
  • Return the updated spreadsheet to the University Controller’s Office by May 23, or earlier, at coa@finance.rutgers.edu.

Education and Support Resources

  • If you have not attended an open forum, listen to the recording of the April 19 session.
  • Over the next few weeks, Webinars will be held to provide more specific details on how to identify, monitor, and correct invalid chart string combinations on purchase orders. We encourage you to register for the webinars through the Cornerstone course registration system.