Report Updates 10/8/2020

1. New - RU GL 145 GL and Sub-ledger Transactions Report:

Purpose: To provide detailed sub-ledger transactional information based on how the summary GL information for the COA segments over a period of time

Sample use cases for running this report:

  • Reconciling GL and the project sub-ledger (PPM module).
  • Obtaining the transactional details (project, task and contract, PO numbers, supplier) behind the summarized GL transactions.

Key benefits: This is an improvised version of the seeded Oracle account analysis report. However, this report provides helpful information that the seeded report either doesn’t provide or require additional transformation in Excel, including:

  • Project, Task, Contract, Invoice, and PO numbers as separate columns
  • Project cost expenditure comments from the PPM module
  • Concatenated accounting segments (UDOLFBA) as one column- (eliminates the need to calculate this value manually)
  • BOG Account hierarchy information (provides the ability to align the sub-ledger transaction details with the P&L reports)

Transaction sources or Sub-ledgers currently included:

  • Projects (Sponsored and Non-Sponsored)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Procurement
  • Manual journals
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receipt

Note: Fixed Assets and Cost Accounting (Inventory) sub-ledgers will be included in a future version.

Additional information:

2. New - Sponsored Projects – Summary and Detail (of expenses and PO encumbrances)

Find below the screen snapshots from the query Sponsored Projects – Summary and Detail (of expenses and PO encumbrances). Various sections within the query has been highlighted below

Query/dashboard data can be downloaded by clicking on the gear icon as shown below.

3. Enhancement -  Changes to “102 - Expense Report Detail 102” report

Note: Sensitive information has been redacted

Screen snapshot of the existing 102 – Expense Reports Detail report.

Below is the Oracle’s new feature to provide additional details about the expense report.