Use of Valid U-D-Os in RU Marketplace (Apr. 18, 2018)

In the March 27 chart of accounts initiative communication, we indicated several changes that will occur by the end of the fiscal year, which will make the chart more user-friendly and better serve the university. Some of the changes include implementing cross validation rules in the Oracle financial management system that will ensure chart segment combinations are valid and correct by systematically rejecting incorrect combinations.

On May 7, all invalid U-D-Os will be deactivated in RU Marketplace by making the approval rule inactive. If you attempt to use an invalid U-D-O on a new requisition after May 7, you will receive an error stating that the requisition has been rejected.

To help you identify which U-D-Os to use, please take the following steps immediately:

  • Review the lists of valid and invalid Unit-Division-Organization (U-D-O) combinations, and use only the valid U-D-Os for new transactions in all systems.
  • Review the list of valid U-D-Os that do not have a requisition approver listed in RU Marketplace. Complete the RU Marketplace System Access Form to provide the correct requisition approver by April 25.
  • Review the list of U-D-Os that will be deactivated, and ensure that you have a valid U-D-O with a requisition approver that replaces the invalid U-D-O, if necessary, by April 25.

If you have questions about your requisition approver, or the system access form, please contact the Procurement help desk at

We recognize that you will have questions about these changes and how you will be affected by them. We encourage you to attend the open forums that will be held on call campuses later this month, participate in the webinars, become familiar with the online resources and reach out to us – we need your support, engagement and input in this process. We will continue to post updates and resources to the Controller’s Office website that also are accessible from the Budget Office website and Cornerstone website.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact your unit’s business manager, a Chancellor unit or central business representative, a member of the Advisory Group, or the Budget Office at